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Your guide to debt management, debt recovery and the procedures of the Civil Court system, as informed by Bailiff-Sheriff Australia.

Debt$et offers both a guide to the debt recovery procedures of the Civil Court system and knowledge on how to manage relationships with debtors and creditors in business.

Informed by Bailiff-Sheriff Australia, we provide information to members of the legal profession and other business leaders on this vital aspect of commerce.

Debt$set also provides awareness to the general public about the procedures of the Civil Court system throughout Queensland, in detail, and other Australian States in general.

Debt$et is based in Queensland, where certain aspects of the Civil Court system are unique to the State. This is why we have focused certain information on the Queensland jurisdiction, whereas other States may have more simplified procedures, which can be easily found through the links provided.

Through our alliance with Australian business magazine, Business Acumen, news articles, case studies and notices of changes to procedures in the debt management, administration and liquidation sectors are provided free in the Debt Management and Recovery section.    CLICK HERE.

Through Debt$et, you will find helpful information on current best-practice in debt management .  Most of the information, cases studies and news articles are available for free.

A deeper level of information – including a debt management and recovery training video series and access to Bailiff-Sheriff fees for serving court documents – are available to subscribers at just $220 per year.   SUBSCRIBE HERE

Daily (24-hour) access to the site is also available for $11 per day. SUBSCRIBE HERE

The Legacy of Pat Asange and Bailiff-Sheriff Australia

One of Queensland’s  most highly-regarded Bailiffs, Pat Asange originally established Bailiff-Sheriff Australia as a platform for court procedural  information. He also wanted it ot be a place where the public could more easily understand and interact with Bailiffs and Sheriffs. Pat Asange 200pxw

In retirement in the early 2000s, Pat developed a website and a series of seminars on debt recovery and enforcement through Australia’s Civil Courts system. He had been the Senior Bailiff at Brisbane Magistrates Court for more than 20 years and been a Bailiff for more than 40 years at the time of his retirement.

In 2007, Pat Asange approached Business Acumen magazine to develop a more functional website and co-produce a Debt Recovery Manual which became an essential guide for business in Queensland. The manual was a key element of Pat Asange’s Debt Recovery Seminar series.

Pat Asange sadly passed away in January 2018, still engaged daily in developing his concept of a complete online debt management and recovery platform.

Debt$et is the public-friendly result and through this site Business Acumen magazine continues to extend the Asange legacy and vision.

Mission Statement

Bailiff-Sheriff Australia™ is an online initiative by an independent Queensland-based company.

Having been a Bailiff of the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court for many years, I am keenly aware of the numerous enquiries received by Bailiff’s Offices and Civil Registries, on a regular basis, in relation to the duties of a Bailiff and/or Sheriff, and their respective powers and authority. For this reason, the website www.bailiff-sheriffaustralia.com.au was developed in response to the need to provide information to members of the legal profession and other professional/ business personnel, as well as an awareness to the general public regarding the procedures of the Civil Courts system throughout Queensland.

Patrick Asange
Former Senior Bailiff
Magistrate's Court Brisbane

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