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The Debt$et website is designed to assist business leaders to understand and navigate the challenges of debt management and – when such situations arise – debt recovery.

One of the modern anomalies of business – and private life – is an increasing deployment of debt to enable progress and to purchase vital goods and services. Yet, while the methods and financial products available are continually developing, the understanding of what is really at stake, and the legal consequences, are hardly taught or examined.

This is why we created Debt$et.

Through many years of reporting on debt management, debt recovery and the challenges of business administration and liquidation, we realised these are areas poorly understood by most  business people – even the legal and accounting fraternities.

Debt$et is allied with, and informed by, Bailiff-Sheriff Australia. Why? Well, at the end of the line of a debt recovery process through the courts, it is the Bailiff (or Sheriff, in certain Australian states) who will come to the door and present a Seizure and Sale of Property order from the court.

No-one knows more about the court system and what it takes to achieve a successful debt recovery than Bailiffs and Sheriffs, who must have all processes in order to successfully affect a court order.

One of Queensland’s  most highly-regarded Bailiffs, Pat Asange originally established Bailiff-Sheriff Australia as a platform for court procedures information and as a place where the public could more easily understand and interact with Bailiffs and Sheriffs. In retirement in the early 2000s, Pat developed a website and a series of seminars on debt recovery and enforcement through Australia’s civil courts system.

In 2007, Pat Asange approached Business Acumen magazine to develop a more functional website and co-produce a Debt Recovery Manual which became an essential guide for business in Queensland. The manual was an essential element of Pat Asange’s Debt Recovery Seminar series.

Pat Asange sadly passed away in January 2017, still engaged in developing his concept of a complete debt management and recovery platform. Debt$et is the public-friendly result and it continues to extend the Asange legacy and vision.

Through Debt$et, you will find helpful information on current debt management best-practice.  Most of the information, cases studies and news articles are available for free.

A deeper level of information – including a debt management and recovery training video series and access to Bailiff-Sheriff fees for serving court documents – are available to subscribers at just $220 per year. You can also have 24-hour access to the entire site for $11 per day.




I find your site easy to explore and search. It is obvious that a lot of thought, preparation and work has gone into it.
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Thank you very much for your very insightful seminar. I know that I certainly took away a boat load of highly valuable information.
Media Link Pty Ltd
I would like to complement you guys on your service. I think it is a great innovation to have the commonly used forms in a user friendly format.
Registrar - Magistrates Courts Office, Tully Q 4854

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